Business Profile Workshop

Business profile is a professional introduction about your business, letting diverse groups of people get a general idea on what your products and services are; along with your unique strengths, track records and whether it is ideal to do business with you. The Office of Commerce Investment and Tourism (OCIT) will be facilitating a 2-day workshop on Majuro and Ebeye on the topic and is inviting you to submit an Expression of Interest if: You have a business and is keen to develop your company/business profile.


For more information, please contact Ms. Zoya Tayag 692-625 4624

Dateline to register September 17th 2021.

Tibdrikin kadkadin Peejnej eo ej juon wāwen n̄an am kōjādeiki im kōmeleleiki kajojo kain armej kin ta eo peejnej eo am ej wiakake ak kōmmane. Bareinwot, ej juon wāwen n̄an am kōmelele kin ta ko peejnej eo am ej jenolo̗k kake im nej kōmman bwe ro jet ekoba ri-likin ro en lon̄ aer itoklimo in rejetak im jiban̄ kwe ilo peejnej eo am. Opij eo an Commerce, Investment im Tourism (OCIT) ej bojak in komman ekkatak ko ioon Majuro im Ebeye n̄an jiban̄ ro rej mōnōnō ilo ekkatak rot in.


Elan̄e kwe eo ej lon̄ am itoklimo in ejaak melele ko kin kadkadin peejnej eo am, jouj im kebaak Ms. Zoya Tayag 692-625 4624 Eliktata nan rejejtor ej ilo raan in Jeptōmba 17th 2021