KWAJALEIN DAY TRADE FAIR & Night Market Registration

About the Event 

The Kwajalein Day Trade Fair & Night Market 2022 is scheduled to commence on 09-10 February on Ebeye. Considerations for eligibility 

☐ Must be an existing business 

☐ Minimum $2000 retail value of Marshallese made goods 

☐ Suitable products available to market in the U.S 

☐ A product list including specifications of your product range 

☐ Business cards 

☐ Valid passport or Identification Card

Responsibilities of Participants 

• Fund their own airfare, meals and incidentals 

• Provide feedback of the fair and report on sales generated on completion (all information is treated as ‘commercial in confidence’ and only utilized in the preparation of our internal reporting).


Registration deadline is January 21, 2022, closing at 5 pm.